Whether you buy motorbike Hanoi or HoChiMinh, you are going to experience pretty much the same price range.

This trip was taken on two Honda Win's 100cc motorbikes sale, but there are others out there. If you go to Travel Swop which I have linked for you, and browse the bikes for sale, you'll get an idea of types and prices available. I used this and other sites (listed below) to get an idea of what to buy and where.

Travel Swop Motorbike for sale, Minks, Honda win, Novol, Dream and many accommodation from backpacker sale or buy.

Vietnam classifieds  ... ads are a bit old in these classifieds, but okay to get a handle on the market.

Vietnam Motorbikes   This site will give you a good idea of the sort of motorbikes sale available.

Minsk Club  A great site with tons of information minsk bikes

Saigon Minsk Bikes  This site will also give a good idea of motorbike sale available in Vietnam

Expat Blog Not so many bikes for sale.... some postings about motorbike traveling pretty negative!

 Travel Swop - motorbike sale - riding around Vietnam

We bought our two Honda Wins from Vietnam classifieds and Travel Swop .The guy there Viet speaks good English we got a fair deal.

The bikes cost $300 each, with waterproof bag for backpack, straps and bungee cords to tie down, helmet, oil change and the MUST get Blue Card...

The Blue Card is the bikes Registration Card. It has the name and address of the FIRST buyer, rego number and Vin/engine number. Don't loss it OR buy a bike without one...

Here is an extract from a forum where this guy lost his bikes Blue Card..

Vietnamese Motorbike Registration Card Lost..

Unfortunately on my 2nd last day of riding in Vietnam my bike's blue registration card fell out of my pocket.. I now want to sell the thing, was wondering if anyone knew any info about obtaining a new card/costs.. or if it's even actually worth it.. I am in Hanoi..any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Someone answered: getting a new registration card is a pain in the butt even for locals, seeing as your bike is not registered in your name, you must go to the place where it is licensed and deal with it there, or u could get it done anywhere but will take longer and cost more ...

best is to forget it and sell the bike without, seeing as you probably never got stopped once during your trip

but the value of the bike is gone, no one really wants one, unless it is real cheap 
i bought a honda Win for 50 usd that way ... gave it to my local police officer , cause he don't care he is the police , but anyone else,no way ... 
a foreigner will have less trouble because a foreigner hardly gets pulled over ...

Well there is a lot of information for you to look through here, and before i go I'll add this link on buy motorbike vietnam

In my next post I will be going through all the things we repaired, tightened and fixed on the bikes, with associated costs.

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