I know it may seem crazy, with snow falling all around us, and the temperature still being in single figures, but now is the best time to go grab yourself a second hand motorbike sale bargain.

For some reason, people prefer to ride motorbikes in the three days of sunshine we call summer here in the UK, and that means that hardly anyone at the moment is genuinely thinking, “Oooh, I fancy buying myself a motorbike sale!” Instead they are probably wondering where they left their thermal underwear. This means there isn’t a huge number of buyers in the market which means prices are naturally lower.

Add to that the fact that a lot of people will have MOTs and tax renewals coming up on their motorbikes as we approach ‘riding season’, which results in most looking to sell their machines, before having to justify the expense of running a bike to the other half for another year.

Also, of course we are in a very hard financial climate, so people who used to be able to afford a bike for a bit of fun before the recession, are now finding it hard to justify the cost. Furthermore, nothing adds an incentive to sell like the fact that many people will be looking at their expensive toy in their garage, and trying to work out when they might be able to ride it next without getting frostbite.

If that wasn’t enough to tempt you to dip your foot into the second hand bike market, how about the fact that new bike prices seem to be growing exponentially? Maybe spending £15k on a new bike, well, just feels a bit ‘flash’. I can’t afford one that’s for sure although I did have a think of ways I might try to raise the cash:

  • Sell my children! A great idea but slightly hampered by the fact I don’t have any children. I did try selling someone else’s but turns out the police don’t like that kind of thing.
  • Sell my forehead as advertising space (you can get twice as much if your follically challenged), unfortunately mine was too wrinkly and small, something to do with having a tiny brain supposedly.
  • Sell my house, move into a cave, become a hermit, and sell my body for sex. This one actually seemed like a goer, ‘till my mum pointed out I live in her house… well, that and the fact when I tried to sell my body for sex I only got 50p… and they asked for change.

The good news is, if like me, buying a brand new bike isn’t an option, there has never been a better time to grab yourself a second hand toy with the sales of used motorbikes going through the roof right now. Even if you have never ridden before, you may be surprised at just how cheaply you could grab yourself a method of transport that’s more fun, more practical, yet faster and better for the environment than your car. Honestly, getting on two wheels has never been so cheap if you know what to look for.


Honda Win motorbike sale buy second hand motorbike


My mission? To find out which bikes are hot right now for buying and to grab some tips on how to spot a proper bargain! What I discovered was fascinating, did you know for instance, that while the new litre superbike market is declining more quickly than our GDP, second hand sports bikes are selling by the truckload… why?

Well, because you can pick yourself up a slightly older version of a recently updated bike, with only a few thousand miles on the clock and with loads of trick parts for less than half the price of the new version of that bike? A no-brainer really!

So whether you are looking to pick up a new sports bike, find a nice Sunday runaround, improve the quality of your life with a quicker and more practical way to commute, or just to find out how much your bike may be worth, make sure you tune in as I take a look at some half price hero’s, adventure bike bargains, some unbelievable sports bike deals and much more!


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