For wonderful experience in Vietnam, I highly recommend a thrilling motorbike tour as you will pass through long-distance routes through cities in the North of VietNam. By staying at a homestay and enjoying the traditional customs with local people, you will have the opportunity to approach the diverse culture of Northern Vietnam and its breathtaking nature in a very different way!

Forget the prospect of being packed like sardines in those crowded places! Pack your bags and enjoy North Vietnam motorbike tours now!

From Phu Yen to Than Uyen (210 kilometers / 130 miles) 

To continue your North Vietnam travel, you will ride a motorbike across Lung Lo, located in the north of Yen Bai, a national heritage of Vietnam.

After lunchtime, you will pass through Mu Cang Chai, where you will see the most fantastic view of North Vietnam from the towering height of the pass. Imagine how intriguing it would be when the whole view of North Vietnam feasts your eyes! Despite challenging riding, it is worthy. 

Than Uyen to Sapa (110 kilometers - 68 miles)

To continue, you can choose to either ride to the Fansipan Mountain or take a route through some river crossings. It would be best if you climb up to Tram Ton Pass - the highest pass in Vietnam.

Lao Cai, the town at over 2000 meters, will be your next destination with the fascinating mountainous view before descending to the most beautiful tourist attractions in North Vietnam travel - Sapa valley. Situated in Lao Cai, to the northwest of Vietnam, Sapa is famous for its breathtaking mountainous scenery and cultural diversity. Have you ever wondered why most visitors and honeymoon couples choose Sapa as their destination? The reason is because of its wonderful natural beauty like masterpieces that can be seen from the top of the mountains. The peaceful color of green covering the valley combined with the blurred background created by clouds and mountains will totally impress you for sure!

Sapa to Bac Ha (120 kilometers / 75 miles )

You will ride from Sapa to Lao Cai, reaching Nam Thi Riverbank to have a cup of tea and enjoy the view of China. Next, you will pass through road 70 and then road 153 to reach Bac Ha.

Bac Ha is a small town that is also a tourist attraction besides Sapa. Every Sunday, there will be a choking point as visitors come to see the morning Bac Ha market. Despite its infancy compared to Sapa, Bac Ha is a start to discover the other highland towns. 

This place has a good reputation for producing alcoholic homebrews. Moreover, the Flower H’mong can produce corn hooch, and their industry is very potent! Sunday market is a specialty here. Believe me! this place will make you feel like you are lost in Heaven. Especially, you will have a chance to stay with a local home here for one night, and it sounds interesting, right?

From Bac Ha to Ha Giang (200 kilometers / 124 miles)

After breakfast, your next destination will be Xin Man with small roads and mountainous views. Xi Man is considered special as it is on the border of both Vietnam and China. 

Next, you will come to Hoang Su Phi and see the grandeur of mountains as well as the culture of several ethnic groups such as Nung and Tay. After having lunchtime, you will get to the high road accessing Ha Giang city to stop for one night. You will stay at a small hostel.

From Ha Giang to Dong Van (160 kilometers/ 99 miles)

After getting a permit for motorbike tours, you will ride on beautiful mountain roads. To continue, you ride up to Ma Pi Leng, another fantastic destination with cloudy mountains and Nho Que River. Ma Pi Leng pass is a nature painting of breathtaking natural views. You can also reach the Vuong family’s residence by riding on a track and I highly recommend you visit this.

Vuong family residence is a beauty of man’s work in the Saphin valley. Seeing how the local people survive in the rocks will inspire and give you more motivation in life. Reaching Dong Van, you will have time to discover H’mong clay bricks homes and tile roofs.

From Dong Van to Bao Lac (110 kilometers / 68 miles)

For the 8th day of your North Vietnam travel, you will ride along the Rock Plateau. You will have a chance to try a slow motorbike ride on beautiful mountain passes and then reach Meo Vac to stop for lunchtime. After that, you will descend to the hill and enjoy different views with more green color and fewer rocks.

You will get to Bao Lac after 5 p.m and have time to stop for rest at a hotel to renew your energy for the next day.

From Bao Lac to Ba Be Lake (150 kilometers / 93 miles)

Early start to enjoy your boat on Ba Be, so 8 a.m is the most suitable time for you to be ready. You will have a chance to see breathtaking terraced rice paddies, which are just 20 kilometers from Bao Lac. 

To finish your fantastic riding day, you will have lunch in a Tay village, near the lake, then have time to relax on one of the most beautiful and biggest natural lakes in Vietnam.

From Ba Be Lake to Hanoi (240 kilometers/ 149 miles)

During the high road, you will see the places where H’mong, Tay, and Nung people live along its bank, the Red River Delta. You will be surely impressed by their hospitality and exciting daily life, so take this chance to know them!

You will ride through a sealed road to come back to Hanoi and your tour will end safely in Hanoi before busy hours. 

Finish The Trip

You will have an incredibly memorable experience by trying North Vietnam travel on your own vehicle! I am sure that this will be completely different from the conventional ways people travel nowadays. 

Riding motorbikes for long-distance travel may be challenging or even dangerous, but I strongly believe that these special features make your trip unique, and it is, of course, worth trying once in your life.                            

Let’s think differently, and these adventures will give you an unforgettable experience!

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