Have you ever thought of traveling around North Vietnam on your motorcycle within 10 days before? Let this article tell you how fantastic this long-distance adventure is!

Many tourists claim that they are fed up with visiting crowded places, which are always full of visitors and lack new attractions. Are you in that circumstance? If yes, why don’t we try several different destinations for North Vietnam Motorbike Tours by your own vehicle? 

From Hanoi to Mai Chau (160km/99 miles)

Firstly, to reach Mai Chau from Hanoi, you have to pass through the long-distance road: Hanoi - Xuan Mai - Luong Son - Hoa Binh - Muong Khen - Mai Chau, along the QL.6 highway, the fastest way to get to this destination. 

Starting from the center of Hanoi at around 9 a.m, you will ride your bike along the Thang Long highway towards the west in directions of Mai Chau. On the highway, you will see extensive farming lands consisting of numerous huge paddy fields split by tree-lined roads, combining with limestone mountains, and believe me, it is exactly the best masterpiece ever!

After a quite long route, you should find a stop for a light lunch in Hoa Binh before continuing your trip. Then, you will get to Thung Khe, where you can enjoy the best mountainous scenery in North Vietnam and finally get down to the mountain valley in Mai Chau. Don’t forget to take pictures along the trip because you can not see such magnificent natural paintings anywhere in the world.

After dinner, there will be time for you to integrate into the local customs by joining a dance performance and sharing special liquors with the residents. For accommodation, you will stay with a Thai homestay. 

From Mai Chau to Phu Yen (140 kilometers / 87 miles)

For the second day in Mai Chau, you have a chance to experience a real Montagnard village. Spend your morning walking around the village to discover the local life. The people here work very early by sunrise, so you can see a number of activities. 

One of the special cultural attractions here is that the women as masterful weavers make traditional clothing for visitors to buy. You can also purchase these handmade items, knives, or a crossbow as souvenirs when you leave.  

After breakfast at homestay, you will leave this town at 10:00 a.m. You will ride your motorbike to Moc Chau, which is famous for producing the best quality Vietnamese tea. Surrounding here are homes for some ethnic minorities such as Thai and Dao. 

Moc Chau, besides tea, is also an original dairy industry taking off in 1970 with Australia, and now associated with the United Nations. Fresh milk, milk candy and “Banh sua” are representative dairy products in Moc Chau. Their delicious taste will captivate you immediately when you eat them, come and enjoy!

After lunchtime, you will pass through Road 43 to get to Da river, where you will see the reservoir on the ferry of Van Yen. Then, you will drive on a winding road accessing Phu Yen before stopping for rest in a motel.

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