This 12-day Saigon Motorbike Tour to Hue via Mui Ne, Da Lat, Pleiku, Hoi An brings you a best chance to explore the landscapes in Mui Ne, Da Lat, Pleiku, Hoi An, Buon Ma Thuot, Kham Duc...additionally, there will be some parts of the trip that you will be riding on Ho Chi Minh trail where you can explore some remarkable war relics…


Day 1: Saigon motorbike tour to Lagi ( 140 km – 6 hours riding )

Day 2: Lagi motorbike tour to Takou and Mui Ne (130 km – 4 hours riding )

Day 3: Mui Ne motorbike tour to Bao Loc ( 160 km – 5 hours riding)

Day 5: Dalat motorbike tour to Lak ( 165 km – 5 hours riding )

Day 6: Lak motorbike tour to Cu Jut ( 100 km – 3 hours riding)

Day 7: Cu Jut motorbike tour to Pleiku ( 230 km – 8 hours riding)

Day 8: Pleiku motorbike tour to Mang Den and Kon Tum (180km – 6 hours riding)

Day 9: Kon Tum motorbike tour to Kham Duc ( 170 km – 6 hours riding)

Day 10: Kham Duc motorbike tour to Hoi An ( 130 km – 4,5 hours riding)

Day 11: Hoi An motorbike tour to Hue ( 175 km – 6 hours riding)

Day 12: Hue ( around 100 km – 3 hours riding)

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