Some regions in the northern area of Vietnam are considered to be quite primitive because not many people come to visit there. Evergreen forests, cascading terraced fields, and winding dusty roads here will let you explore the magnificence of nature to the fullest. 

Moreover, when visiting this area, you will immerse yourself in a unique culture that was established a long time ago, and the simple yet impressive lifestyle of people there. All things considered, it is high time to forget your hustling and bustling life and travel to northern Vietnam so that you can recharge yourself and then return with energy and excitement?

Best Time To Visit Northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam’s sceneries are gorgeous all year round, so you can visit them whenever you want. 

However, in certain periods, nature here becomes stunningly attractive, in which you will fully enjoy every moment while staying there. It is the time between March and May or September and November. The former is Vietnam's spring season and you know it is time for flowers to bloom and the air to turn fresher than ever! 

And if you decide to come at a later time, you will enjoy the cool air instead of suffering the heat in other seasons. The nature in the northern land of Vietnam will come with different beauties in different seasons. Still, if you want to have the most comfortable time, you should mark on your calendar the time above if you do not want the weather to interrupt your trip!  

Must-have Destinations in your Northern Vietnam Travel Plan

Northern Vietnam has a great number of captivating destinations. If you are confused about choosing where to visit, please scroll down. We are here to introduce the most stunning places to you so that you can diverse your list of must-to-visit destinations. Let’s check them out! 


It is a great mistake if you miss Sapa because this place is full of incredibly striking landscapes! 

When traveling here, you will have a chance to embark on the most interesting adventures ever! Visit primeval forests and go climbing the highest mountain in Vietnam, Fansipan. If you cannot afford strenuous climbing, you can go to the mountaintop by the suspension cable system. 

The most intriguing thing is that you can also contemplate the charming scenery below while traveling in that way. Furthermore, there are many other lovely places such as Muong Hoa valley, Sapa ancient church and so on. Every corner of Sapa will bring you extreme relaxation. 

Dong Van Karst Plateau

If you are really into discovering the wild beauty of this plateau, you should not miss Dong Van Karst Plateau. 

The climate here is temperate all the time, so you can enjoy it without interruption. The majority of this plateau is covered by limestone, which will give you a sense of mystery. Furthermore, there are two great natural conversation parks located here, so you can observe tons of different kinds of rare animals and plants. 

It is understandable why tourists love to enjoy traveling tonorthern Vietnam because asides from relaxation, they can expand their knowledge about wild species. 

Ban Gioc Waterfall

If you enjoy the peaceful sound of nature, Ban Gioc waterfall should be your priority. The water falls down on stones and trees, creating the dangerous yet intriguing sound of nature. You will feel the great harmony between sounds and landscapes while breathing the fresh air. 

In short, this place is a holy paradise that will release all of your stress, which encourages you to keep staying without wanting to leave! Let’s travel to northern Vietnam right now to enjoy this irresistible place. 

Ba Be Lake

Want to have a northern Vietnam travel to discover another paradise of this land? Let’s visit Ba Be lake. The tranquil water will offer the best way for you to refresh your mind. 

By sitting on the boat that floats on the clear water while contemplating the surrounding sightseeing, you will feast your eyes on that scenery. Plus, if you are a challenge lover, you can try kayaking that will evoke strong feelings! 

Mai Chau

There is nothing more fascinating than joining Vietnam motorbike tours to visit Mai Chau district, a small yet appealing area. There is spectacular scenery of terraced fields, which turns from green or yellow as time passes by. 

Once traveling here, you will have a chance to participate in daily activities of ethnic minorities, which help you know about their exceptional culture and tasty dishes.  

Tam Coc

Tam Coc is the most peaceful countryside in northern Vietnam. The serene river running through verdant rice fields will leave you in tranquility.

Moreover, with a grand mountain range covered by evergreen plants as the background, the landscape emerges to be the worth-watching natural picture. Besides, you will understand more about life in rural areas and feel a strong connection between them and nature upon coming here.

Hoa Lu

Hoa Lu is an ancient capital of Vietnam, so this land is full of significant monuments and traditional festivals. If you want to join a constant flow of people to enjoy the festival season, just pay a visit here in the spring, particularly, from January to March. 

Aside from outstanding festivals, you will be able to observe the eye-catching architecture of numerous pagodas. If you want to pray for your beloved ones and yourself, hurry up and give this place a visit as soon as you can!


In a nutshell, northern Vietnam travel is a fascinating experience. The irresistible scenery in this area of Vietnam will help you have more memorable experiences, forget troubles in your life and widen your knowledge. Don’t mind your stressful and boring life, it is time for you to travel and enjoy your life by spending time in northern Vietnam.  

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