Where to stay 

Carrying a hammock or a tent if you want to get off-the-beaten paths. But in case you choose to stay at guesthouses, hotels, and homestays, it is not necessary to bring these things. With just 3 US dollars, you can stay in a basic room with a bed in a guesthouse. Meanwhile, a room at a luxury hotel in Cao Bang or Sapa charges 50 US dollars. On average, with around 10 to 15 US dollars, you can get a nice room with free WiFi, en-route bathroom, and hot water.


For the period from December to January, it gets very cold with dense fog and wet mist. In particular, the mountains in Sapa might be covered by snow. This is the best time for a Sapa motorbike tour for adventurous riders who love to conquer the mountainous area and take some stunning shots. However, do not leave these things home: warm clothes and jackets, flexible outfits, face masks, scarfs, biker gloves, and socks.

The rain season often lasts from July to August while monsoon occurs between November and March, and from April to October is the season of hot and wet.

Motorbike Maintenance

In the North, it’s easy to find mechanics if you are riding a Honda Wave or Honda Win. However, the main type of bikes selected by the locals are often Honda Wins, whose parts are always available.

Remember to check your brakes every morning, then tighten and grease your chain. Changing oil every 500 kilometers is highly recommended. Make sure the bike you’re sitting on in top condition if you decide to take extra mountainous roads.

How to have a safe ride

It is noted that there are just a few well-equipped hospitals in North Vietnam. Be very careful and alert to avoid from involving in an accident or being injured because it takes so long to head back to Hanoi for a cure.

Slow down when facing a bend or moving in layers of fog. Turn on your blinkers to sign to the riders behind. Keep in mind that along the way, not all places are suitable for you to stop to take photos or savor the moment. It’s very dangerous.

Things to note

Traveling on your own is not always a good thing, especially when you reach out to a dangerous place without knowing the local language, which will lead to the fact that you cannot ask for directions. The best way is to take a tour guided by an expert. Even though, a decent map and GPS are still important things that you can’t put aside.

The above is the travel guide for a perfect North Vietnam Motorbike Tour. Hopefully, it’s helpful for your coming trip. Let’s enjoy the most awesome trip in your lifetime.