Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are very close neighboring countries and usually called Indochina. Probably tourists are too familiar with traveling with classic tours but there is now a new special trend in tourism for those who want to approach the top of freedom. That is by motorbikes and seemingly the best way to travel in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia is by motorbikes as well. This is true everywhere in Indochina with its many beautiful mountain passes, friendly people, and breathtaking landscapes where you could have chances to discover the local ethnic people’s culture by staying with them, sharing meals, and enjoying homemade rice wine. Here is exactly the most important inspiration for us to create very outstanding Vietnam Motorbike Tours, Laos Motorbike Tours and Cambodia Motorbike Tours, which will allow you to ride motorbikes to explore almost hidden beauties in each country. Hopefully you will be so much passionate with what we are going to do.

Indochina Motorbike Tours is a group of tour operators and guides based in Hanoi with over 10 years experience.
Our company will remain 100% Vietnamese run and owned. When you travel with us, you're not just customers but also friends. Unlike overseas-based tourism companies, every buck you spend on the trip will stay in Vietnam. We don't pay high commissions and believe in putting the money back into the right targets in Vietnamese community.
Try one of our package tours, or design your very own custom vacation. Either way, rest assured that all of your wants and needs will be met.