Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam, among other famous destinations worldwide, was proudly listed in the top 10 walking tours for globetrotting foodies by lonelyplanet.com in April.

Welcome you to Hanoi street food walking tour. The best way to find out about Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam through tasting Vietnam traditional foods and take an excursion around Hanoi Old Quarter. By do the 3-hour walking street food tour, we will take you pass hidden alleyways and bustling streets where you will unlikely see if you go yourself. So what is special there?

Let’s discover, we will try local specialties with authentic Hanoi street food or visit the attractive destinations with typical or distinctive architecture of Hanoi such as the traditional house 87 Ma May street, French buildings or old houses built at 18th -19th century. Or we come to the largest market in Hanoi - Dong Xuan market. Here you can buy everything as souvenir, they sell from electronic stuff to fabric or clothings, and if you interest in products, you don't worry about that. We are local guide, we can bargain for you to get the best price.

Continue the walking food tour, we will stop at some eateries to taste Steamed rice rolls, Fried spring rolls or chicken noodle soup..All dishes that we offer are Vietnamese traditional foods. We want to emphasize about Vietnamese cuisines. And you will learn the routine of Vietnam meal times and the unusual ingredients that make the local flavours special and exotic.

Before finishing the walking tour, we will enjoy the special coffee in Hanoi. What is this? It's Egg-Coffee. Maybe it sounds like such a weird combination. Yes, the coffee is blended by an egg yolk with sweetened condensed milk and butter or cheese. You'll remember once you try this coffee.

The tour often ends at Hoan Kiem lake and you'll be heard about the legend story about this lake