This Da Lat Motorbike Tour to Hoi An on Ho Chi Minh trail via Lak lake - Buon Me Thuot - Pleiku - Kon Tum - Kham Duc brings you a good chance to experience the most stunning landscapes in Central Highlands of Vietnam. If you want to learn about a mysterious and liberal land by the characteristics of life that is surrounded by mountains – Central Highlands this is the best choice for you. It is the Da Lat – a foggy city, nestled under the vast pine forests; A sunny and windy, brutal Dak Lak but equally mysterious and strange; a pristine Dak Nong with spectacular waterfall, poetic beauty; A Gia Lai with the bright yellow flower of the wild sunflowers and a Kon Tum filled journeys of historical significance. Central Highlands will certainly give you a quick overview of a country with many ethnic brethren living with diverse cultures, as well as what they went through in the war to have life as today. Finish the tour you will be in an ancient city – Hoi An that has been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.


Day 1: Dalat motorbike tour to Lak lake

Day 2: Lak Lake motorcycle ride to Buon Me Thuot

Day 3: Buon Me Thuot motorbike ride to Pleiku

Day 4: Pleiku motorbike ride to Kon Tum

Day 5: Kon Tum motorbike ride to Kham Duc

Day 6: Kham Duc motorbike trip to Hoi An or Da Nang

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