Golf is not limited to only tee, green, hole, fairway, bunker, hazard, slice, handicap or putter. Golf is a sport with a difference. Golfing offers an excellent opportunity to meet new and like minded people and initiate social interaction. The game is characterized by its players with graceful personality and stylish manners.

Whether you are a professional golfer or an amateur, you need to follow the rules and etiquette during all phases of the game. Golf demands a participant to maintain physical stamina as well as positive mindset to become successful. A lot of practice, mind and body relaxing activities, beautiful surrounding, and a golf course with natural look makes your golfing experience enriching.

So, it is important to find a golf course at a place that fulfills all the basic requirements. If you are in search of a favorite golf vacation in the world in terms of location, climate, price and amenities, then Antalya in Turkey becomes a preferred option.

The golf in Turkey comes with luxurious resorts, landscape courses, scenic beauty, natural attractions, and enjoyable family vacation. The coastal city of Antalya is well connected by air, road and sea routes. This holiday paradise along the Mediterranean sea has lovely touring spots spread across the length and breadth of the city.

Moreover, the mild hot and winter climate there is quite well suited for around the year golf vacation. You can take advantage of golf vacation in Antalya by availing discounted packages at different time. You get a chance to enjoy sunbathing, swimming and adventurous sporting activities of windsurfing and water skiing that makes you refreshed and gives a great start to your game.

The golf resorts at Antalya are equipped with modern spa centers to make your body relaxed, fit and flexible for great swing or stroke without going through any stiffness problem.

The game of golf requires skill, perfection and a bit of luck. So, always play heartily, never be rigid. Spend some time in preparation or practice before the game. Encourage co-players, watch your steps, make plans and enjoy golfing.