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  • Where to buy a mobile SIM in Vietnam

    There days most people have smart phones and 3G Internet to surf the Net when in your home country. But travelling overseas and using Global Roaming can be a nightmare when you get back. Don't fear, I have got some great advice for you when you arrive to Vietnam that can save you hundreds of dollars off your next phone bill. Once you land in Vietnam, or even if you are already here, either at the exit of the airport you have landed in or most small kiosk type shops that sell water, food, cigarettes... [read more]
  • How do I access the Internet in Vietnam?

    For those who live in most modern western countries you'll get a shock when you first come to Vietnam to find that most cafes, hotels and restaurants provide free WIFI (and good speeds). If you are staying at a hotel that less than 4 or 5 stars you will most likely get some type of fibre Internet connection. Some places wil have better Internet than others. If you are having trouble connecting to Facebook you can update your DNS settings to use Google: If you are a Windows user... [read more]
  • A new twist for couch surfing in Vietnam

    I could resist taking a couple photos of this couch surfing dude riding down Dien Bien Phu street in Ho Chi Minh City!! [read more]
  • Limited edition 5 seater SH150

    If you are driving through Vietnam you will see many sights like this. 5 people to one motorbike :-) [read more]
  • Awesome beach bar 20 mins outside of Hue City

    If you are looking for an awesome beach bar during your stay in Hue come down and hangout at The Beach Bar at Phu Thuan beach. [read more]
  • Phong Nha Farmstay - paradise in Vietnam

    Nestled in amongst rice fields is a beautifully constructed French Colonial style accommodation hoste by the loveable Ben (from Australia) and Bich (a local Vietnamese).  From the minute you arrive at Phong Nha Farmstay it is like your home away from home. The staff are amazing and friendly, the food is great, you can kicki back and play some pool (you'll quickly get the hang of the Vietnamese gravitational pull that causes the ball to follow an exciting adventure to the hole, just like the... [read more]
  • Cu Chi Tunnels Vietnam

    This place is a favourite day trip for tourists. You get to see first hand what it was like to live in the famous Cu Chi Tunnels and learn about their history as they were not only built during the American conflict, but also for the French as well. There are two types of tunnels. Those widened for us slightly big boned westerners and the original size for locals. Either way they are both just as fun. If you make it down to Ho Chi Minh City definitely make a day trip to view this amazing feat of... [read more]
  • One of the most beautiful places in Vietnam - Phong Nha caves

    The Phong Nha caves region of Vietnam is one of the most beautiful that I have seen. It is home to more than 300 underground caves and 2 of the worlds largest underground caves. I was fortunate enough to visit two of these caves in April, one of the caves (a cave that is the start of a large river) I was even more fortunate to be part of the one of the very first tour groups lead by Ben and Bich from Phong Nha Farmstay to kyack up the river equiped with miners helmets/light and an inflateable... [read more]
  • Best backpacker in Vietnam

    By far the best backpacker in Vietnam is the Hue Backpackers located at 10 Pham Ngu Lao street in Hue City. Run by the lovealbe Hendo (real name Paul) and backed up by his cheeky staff, this place will keep you entertained night and day. [read more]
  • Where to fix your motorbike in Hue City, Vietnam

    By far the best mechanic in Hue, if not the best in Vietnam, is Mr Thien. Not only is he as honest as you can get, he is pretty handy with fixing all types of motorbikes from highend scooters to every Vietnamese backpackers favourite Minsk or Honda Win. He is located close to the backpacker area on 24 Nguyen Sinh Cung, Hue City or view him on here: [read more]
  • Some of my favourite sunsets

    I thought I would post some of my favourite sunsets on Naxos :-) [read more]
  • Manolis Garden Taverna - best moussaka in the world!

    The title says it all, Manolis Garden Taverna, which is situated below the Kastro area of the old Naxos town of Chora, makes the best moussaka in the world. Along with Greek salad, pork chops, Naxos Sausage, meatball stuffed with feta to name a few. To be honest the list goes on. I could eat here every day in summer!!!! [read more]
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