Tu Hieu Pagoda: Mystery unknown about the tragic fate of the eunuch from the cemetery where the ancient throne in Hue.

In Hue there is an antique that not only attracts tourists for the ancient wilderness but also the cemetery of the unique Nguyen dynasty princes in Vietnam.

The ancient citadel that we refer to is Tu Hieu Pagoda (Thuy Thien Ward, Hue City, Thua Thien Hue Province). This ancient self was originally a small am Thich Nhat Dinh monk Thich Nhat Dinh – the former rose of the Giac Hoang Pagoda in the royal Nguyen founded to practice and support his mother.

Tu Hieu Pagoda.

The gate of the temple of Tu Hieu.

The monks buy fish for porridge

Legendary monk Thich Nhat Dinh is a very filial son. It is said that in the care of his mother in Thao Am Duong, Thich Nhat Dinh’s mother was seriously ill.

Venerable Thich Nhat Dinh has to fight the stick 5km over forest to the market to find fresh fish to cook porridge for her elderly mother. Many people see that it is arguable to say that the monk that throughout the day killed and eat salty.

Story was told to King Tu Duc, the king immediately sent people to find out, the monk Thich Nhat Dinh still cook fish porridge daily but for his mother still he is still vegetarian and a spiritual practice.

Tu Hieu Pagoda

Tu Hieu Pagoda is also a symbol for the understanding associated with monk Thich Nhat Dinh to support his mother.

When he was told this story, the king was very moved by the filial piety of Venerable Thich Nhat Dinh. After the monk Thich Nhat Dinh died, in 1848 Thao Am Duong was expanded into a temple and the court, the eunuchs and the Buddhist offerings and merit.

When the temple was completed, remember the monk Thich Nhat Dinh, despite the fact that the fish bought food for his elderly mother’s porridge, Tu Duc had named the temple “Tu Hieu Tu”.

Currently in Tu Hieu pagoda there is still the inscription: “From the great virtue of the Buddha, if not, then what is the continuation of the four kinds of rescue; Hieu is the beginning of the virtues of the Buddha, if not Hieu, what to take to achieve heavenly earthly mission. ” Meaning, the word is to teach the world how to father and Hieu to teach the world as a child

Tu Hieu Pagoda

Tu Hieu Pagoda is also famous for its picturesque scenery.

Tu Hieu Pagoda is now built in accordance with the word “Khau” with three traditional two-pronged space forming a closed whole. The main hall is the place where the Buddha is worshiped and the place behind the church. Today, many people come to Tu Hieu Pagoda not only because it is the most ancient Hue but also because of the scene in this place.

Tu Hieu Pagoda is famous for its harmonious landscape between architecture and nature by the pagoda located in the middle of the pine forest all year round. Along with that is the system of ponds, artificial lakes built by the spiritual practice for hundreds of years has created a charming painting for this ancient soul. On the summer days, many students, students chose Xu Hieu as the ideal destination to review for quiet and cool space.

Mysterious cemetery eunuch

Many visitors to visit Tu Hieu Pagoda was surprised to see a large cemetery about 1,000 m2. Talking about this cemetery is a long story about the virtue of the eunuchs Nguyen dynasty when old.

According to our understanding, the eunuch was born in the West Zhou period in China. In order to enter the palace, the eunuchs must be removed from the birth to avoid “tens” with the king’s concubines.

The eunuchs must also preserve the “part” of the cut very carefully because if lost will be beheaded. Each time they were promoted, the eunuchs also had to bring the “prized” part to the group of people in the court.

Like many feudal dynasties in Vietnam, the Nguyen Dynasty also recruited eunuchs to serve. On average, each Nguyen emperor had about 200 eunuchs. There are usually two sources for recruiting eunuchs, one for “virgins” and two for poor children to let them in to cut off “your” as eunuchs.

“Biographer” means the person who was born has an orgy. At that time, in any village in Hue if birth was born, it is the blessing of a village. Nguyen dynasty bishops are often called ministers. When the reincarnation was recruited into the royal palace, the king would reward the fortune. However, if there is a birth certificate without declaration, the penalty will be very heavy.

Tu Hieu Pagoda

The cemetery area of the Nguyen dynasty is located on a small hill next to Tu Hieu Pagoda

The eunuchs will live throughout their lives in the palace until the end of their lives, when they are old enough to die in the Imperial House, not to die in the palace. Understanding the tragic results, many eunuchs spent a lot of money from a young age to find a burial place for themselves at death and the cemetery of the Nguyen dynasty in Tu Hieu pagoda was born in that circumstance.

Legend has it that in the process of expanding Thao Am Duong into Tu Hieu Pagoda there was no small contribution from a Nguyen eunuch named Chau Phuoc Nang. Perhaps because of understanding the fate of death at the death of the eunuch, the eunuch has targeted Tu Hieu Pagoda is the last resting place of his life.

Tu Hieu Pagoda

Entrance to the cemetery  of the Nguyen Dynasty is mossy.

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Accordingly, the eunuch called on the eunuchs at the royal court to donate the Amulet of Amulets to the place where they were later rested, and this was also approved by Emperor Tu Duc. Due to their contribution to temple construction, they were buried at a small hill next to Tu Hieu Pagoda. Due to the presence of this tomb area, the Tu Hieu pagoda has another name, Wat Thai Grotto.

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At present, the whole tomb area mentioned above has 25 tombs, including 2 tombs (there are graves but no corpses). Of the 25 tombs, there are 21 graves that can be read on the beer, especially the tomb of 22 words on the beer is quite clear: “The imperial court of Nguyen Duc, Ha Noi, lost the fifth of the fifth year of Khai Dinh. “In this tomb there is also a inscription on the fate of the eunuchs in old age:” When we lived, But where do you know where to rely on? Recognizing that the west side of the city has a piece of land should be built brick for a place of worship later, close to the new Buddhist place of long-term worship, sick friends have a place to cure, Buried … “.


Venerable Thich Tu Hai (monk at Tu Hieu Pagoda) said: “Days ago the burial place of the eunuchs little known people so cold wilderness. Every year, at the beginning of the lunar new year, temples are held again, the worshipers visit the eunuchs. Recently, many people have paid more attention to these graves. Many people pity the eunuchs so when the temple also came to burn incense sympathy.

Tu Hieu Pagoda

The whole cemetery area has 25 graves

If anyone goes to Hue and ignores this temple, it is a waste, because this is the place to worship the filial virtue of children to parents, you only spend a little time but will be cold Get down on the tearful stories from this temple. Tu Hieu Pagoda is about 15 minutes by car from Hue city by car. If you want to visit this temple and other places in Hue, our Hue Localscompany is always your partner on the journey to all the attractions of Hue.

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