Welcome to HANOI MOTORBIKE ( street : 14 HÀNG CHĨNH, HÀNG BUỒM , HOAN KIEM ) Hanoi Motorbike is best motorbike shop for Backpackers in Hanoi.

We have many good motorbikes for sale and for rent with best price guarantee.

- Honda Win 110cc for sale from 180 - 200usd (for rent 5 usd/ day or 50 usd/ month)

- Honda Dream 100cc for sale from 180- 200usd (for rent 5usd/day or 50 usd/month) - Honda Wave 110cc for sale from 180- 200 usd (for rent 5usd/day or 50 usd/month)

- Yamaha Nouvo 125cc for sale from 200 - 250 usd (for rent 5usd/day or 50 usd/month)

All our motorbikes was checked at my mechanic shop. 100% are good condition, run smooth and strong. All electric parts working in order: Head light, signal light, indicator,.. Both tires are still good, good brake, changed oil in regular.

 PRICE INCLUDED 1 - Good helmet

2 - Bike lock

3 - Luggage rack

4 - Paper registration (Blue card)

5 - Road map of Vietnam

6 - 24 hour helpline

7 - Free driver lesson

 8 - Free all checking at my repair shop

9 - Buy back by my shop in HCM city Please, don't hesitate to contact me if you're interested.

Call me or send me a message to my phone: +84.983182368 Hanoi Motorbike : 14 Hàng Chĩnh street - Hanoi Old Quarter