• Hot mineral springs bath: 

Situated in the tourist area of Thanh Tan, the natural hot springs system here is also attracting many local tourists as well as tourists. Mineral springs are particularly hot at temperatures from 30 degrees and up to 60 degrees Celsius when they are near the source. Besides, there are also games such as sliding tubes or slides at water parks that are enjoyed by young people.

Hot mineral springs bath

In addition, the mineral springs also have some restaurants and folk zones if you want to make your own mask for yourself.

  • Listen to Hue on the Perfume River:

A tourist activity has been available for many years when it comes to Hue, which is to listen to Hue music on the Perfume River. The musicians and singers singing on the boat are mostly young people, they sing the Hue dances with hundreds of years of history, songs associated with people and the land of Hue dreaming.

One of the activities on the boat was to drop the lights posted by the ladyOne of the activities on the boat was to drop the lights posted by the lady

At the Palace Kham, you can easily buy tickets for listening to Hue for VND100,000 per person for 1 hour floating on the Huong Giang line, go under the Trang Tien Bridge lights up electricity every night, hear the rustic singing rustic From the very gentle Hue voice. The boats here are the same dragon boat motifs with a capacity of about 20 to 30 lighters per night.

Drop flower lights on the Perfume River quite shimmeringDrop flower lights on the Perfume River quite shimmering

Sitting on the boat about 1 hour, listening to carpentry, no stranger, drop the small flower lights on Huong stream make the evening in Hue more fun.

  • Visit the Citadel, mausoleum:

Visiting the Citadel and the mausoleum seems to be an indispensable part of Hue, because the remains of a long dynasty in Vietnamese history are most apparent in the temple itself. present.

Buy tickets online including the Citadel and 3 tombs will be cheaper than buying each legBuy tickets online including the Citadel and 3 tombs will be cheaper than buying each leg

Minh Mang Tomb is peaceful after the green pines all year round; Tomb of Tu Duc humble but stretches on a large area; The interesting thing is that the points you should not ignore.

Entrance to the CitadelEntrance to the Citadel

Especially, if you have free time, rent a bike or motorbike to go out on the shady streets around the capital city in the evening, the humming noise on the empty road, less The voices bring the true feeling of Hue and Hue.

  • Discover Hue cuisine:

Getting to Hue without eating Hue cakes is a serious shortage. There are dozens of delicious cakes you should try, crispy crispy golden crispy cake like small cakes, thin rice cakes thinly on the tray with shrimp head lice and grease, filter cake beautiful with orange highlights Red shrimp and grease, or fragile buns in green leaves are delicious eye catching.

Hue noodle soupHue noodle soup Nem HueNem Hue

Walk along the banks of the Perfume River in the night market in the evening to enjoy the Truong Tien Bridge; Light out of the row of goods pulling a bowl of hot beef noodle soup; Or a cup of tea alley with a unique filtered meat flour will fill anyone’s stomach.

If you are not staying in Hue, how to visit HUe?

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