100cc lankhoa manual motorbike
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100cc lankhoa manual motorbike

Item Type : Motobikes

Model Name : HONDA Win

Available From: 24/02/2018

Available To: 24/03/2018

Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


Selling my lankhoa 100cc manual motorbike (a chinese make similar to the detech) in HCMC. This bike has taken me from Hanoi, through the northern loop (ha giang), down to cat ba and then all the way south to HCMC along the ho chi Minh highway. Over the 3000kms that I've owned the bike I've come to love everything about it (including its faults). The only problems with the bike is that the speedometer doesn't work (which has never bothered me) and it misfires every 5 seconds in third gear which has been there since I owned the bike. It's slightly annoying at first but after a while you get used to it and your almost always in fourth gear when riding these bikes. 


Since owning the bike, I've replaced:

Rear tyre inner tube (twice) 

Front and rear brake pads within the last 500km

Altanator stator (just before dalat) 

Front headlamp and regulator

Left indicator


The bike also comes with:

Australian certified full face helmet. 

Elbow and knee pads

Motorcycle gloves from australia

Luggage rack

Rain poncho

Bungee cords 

Wheel lock

Tarpaulin for rain protection

Rain boots

Adjustable wrench

If you would like anymore info please contact me on WhatsApp at +84 164 812 0603


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